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Multiple notifications

With Proofly, you are able to create dozens types of notifications. Highly customizable, there's always one that fits your target and purpose.

Simple interface

Provide yourself or your marketeer a simple solution for building notifications. Creating is simple, fun and takes effect immediately.

Increase conversions

Gain trust on your website with social proof. Let potential customer entrust your service or product faster with live feedback/information from others.

Powering thousands of websites with notifications!

Proofly delivers hundreds of new impressions each second, may we power-up your (e-commerce) website too?

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    Works with everything you already love

    Your notifications can run on almost all website-/landingpage builders and e-commerce platforms. It works perfect together with your favorite e-mailmarketing platforms to submit the collected data to.

    Wide-range of useful notifications

    We built many features to increase your leads, sales and acquisition. Turn up your revenue with our smart notifications. Modify those to your own styling and simply install a pixel, we do the hard work!

    Offers & discount

    Provide visitors discount and vouchers so they won't leave your website/shop. It's a smart trigger to increase your sales.


    Add urgency to your website through countdowns. This'll help them reminding something is about to expire.

    Request collector

    Give people to opportunity to easily leave information behind. This can be anything, like phone numbers and e-mailaddresses.

    User feedback

    Allow users to playfully give feedback about your website or page. With a single click, you got overall statistics about your pages.

    Latest conversion

    Show your amount of conversions, whether is the total or the latest. This will gain trust with your visitors as they see many went before them.

    Exit intent

    We use movement detection to guess when people are about to leave. Once they are about to, you can provide them something to eventual get back to them.


    Display reviews from users on your website to provide that proof that potential customers need to get convinced about your product and/or service.

    Cookie messages

    Tell your users you are placing fresh-bakes cookies for a better experience. Get yourself covered for the EU cookie law.


    Pop-over a video on your page. It will attract attention faster when it pop-ups rather can placed between other content on your site.

    Social share

    Let visitors spread out the word about your website on their social media. Improve the acquisition with your users.

    Visitor counter

    Display a fancy live visitor counter. It shows the amount of visitors that are currently browsing around on your website.

    Spin to win

    Give your customers the chance to get an offer, discount or anything else! It's a fun game that will increase acquisition with your cusomsters.

    Experience from your perspective

    Take Marty as example, he tried Proofly for the first time and recorded his feedback and experience. He's excited about Proofly, so can you. And the best part, it's totally free to try, no creditcard required.

    • Proofly has huge potential, it's lightning fast,
      pricing is very cost-effective and fair.
      Marty Englander
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    Margie Franklin

    Wow! This toolkit gives me access to 14 notifications. All of them are valuable. The support is great and helped me to setup my first webhook.

    Jordan Vasquez

    Just within a few clicks, my first notification was published. The next morning I saw an increase of 25% of my conversions.

    Johnny Barnett

    First, I thought it wouldn’t help my car repair business. After I’ve added a coupon notification for giving a discount on tires, phone started ringing after 10 minutes!

    Always a plan that fits your needs

    Whether you're a start-up or corporate, there's always a plan that fits your needs. You're even able to use the power of Proofly entirely free. All plans are monthly cancelable. No hidden fees.



    • 1 domain
    • 5 notifications
    • 10,000 impressions
    • Removable Proofly-branding
    • 0 trees planted ⏤ Info


    $9 / month

    • 5 domains
    • 20 notifications
    • 100,000 impressions
    • Removable Proofly-branding
    • 1 tree planted ⏤ Info


    $29 / month

    • 25 domains
    • 100 notifications
    • 1,000,000 impressions
    • Removable Proofly-branding
    • 3 trees planted ⏤ Info

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