Affiliate program

Earn affiliate commission by partnering with Proofly, easily.

Team up. Let's grow together.

It's up to your how much you earn. At Proofly, we love cooperation. Commission starts at 25% per transaction, depending on your amount of monthly sales, this amount can even grow up to 50%!

Start quickly with our assets.

Spin up ads in just a few minutes by downloading and using our pre-build designs, video's and banners. Missing anything? Let us know, we'll get a graphical designer to create awesome stuff for you.

How does it work?

Earning money by partnering with Proofly is like the easiest thing to do.

Step 1

Claim your unique affiliate link Sign-up for a (free) Proofly account by clicking here. After that, click on "Affiliate" in your dashboard. Copy your unique link and paste it on your website or anywhere else you want.

Step 2

Promote the link with your audience Get your audience to click your link, a cookie will be set in their browser. Once a payment is made, we'll add your percentage (starting at 25%) to your account.

Step 3

Create a pay-out easily Click the pay-out button from within the dashboard and enter your PayPal e-mail. The amount will be transferred to your PayPal account is just a few hours!