How To Increase Your Social Credibility - Tips to Gain More Followers

Mike Barrett - Proofly blog author
Mike Barrett

March 26, 2022 | 15,595 views | 11 min. read time

Everyone wants to be liked. Even more so, if you can show your followers that you care about them and are interested in what they have to share. Social media is the new forefront for building credibility, credibility that others will trust you and follow you because of it. Social media has become a virtual meeting ground as people from all walks of life come together to communicate and engage with one another. This article outlines 10 quick tips on how to increase your social creditibility and credibility. These tips will help you gain more followers, build trust with potential followers, and grow the circle of who knows you-and who shouldn’t. Read on to discover how these steps can help make an impact on your personal brand.

Create An Outline Of What You Offer

Social media is a great way to showcase exactly what your company does, but it is even more powerful to tell a story of how your business solves real-life problems for people. Social media is all about the human factor, and it is the way you tell your story that will make all the difference in how people perceive your company. Customize your bio to highlight exactly what your business does, as well as why your product or service is unique. Be sure to add any benefits that your customers gain from using your product or service. Be as specific as possible because this outline can be easily shared and reposted throughout your online social channels.

Take Photos That Reflect Your Brand

When creating your social media strategy, make sure that your branding is consistent throughout all channels. When uploading photos or videos, make sure they are all in the same colour scheme, and also, make sure that they include your logo. This will help to reinforce your brand and, if people are commenting on your posts, they can also include your logo in the comment. This, in turn, will help to build relationships with other people who like your brand and also get others who follow you to also comment and engage with your posts.

Engage With Potential Followers

When you first start following people on social media, it is important to leave them some type of response. To do this, simply leave a like on one of their posts. This is much less formal and formal than sending a direct message, as well as, it shows other people who follow you that you are genuinely interested in their content. You can also give comments on other people’s posts that express your enthusiasm for the content, and then, you can add a sentence or two about how you would use the product or service that you are discussing. This will show others that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, and they can feel good about choosing to follow you back. You can also unfollow people who do not respond to your posts or who do not engage with you back.

Always Be Collaborating And Networking

If you are trying to grow your social media following, it is important to always be networking, whether that networking is online or offline. Networking is important because it will help you to find mentors, as well as, investors that can help to sponsor your business. Networking is a crucial part of growing a business because it can help you to find potential employees who can work for the company, as well as, find potential clients who would be interested in purchasing your product or service. Networking is all about meeting new people and finding new connections, which can help to grow your following on social media. One of the best networking methods is to join an online community, such as a social media group. There are many different communities to join on social media, and choosing a community that focuses on your niche can help to grow your following.

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Use Hashtags To Build A List

Hashtags are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to growing your social media following. When searching for relevant posts or pages, it is important to use hashtags to help to find them. Different hashtags can lead to different pages, and you can also use hashtags to find new followers. You can use hashtags when creating new posts to help to increase the number of people who see it. You can also use hashtags when following other people to help to build a list of people who like your brand. When you are following people on social media, be sure to click the hashtag button so that others can also see your posts. This can help to build a list of people who follow you back, as well as, it can also build a list of people who like your brand.

Stay Consistent With Content Marketing

It can be tempting to jump from social media to social media when trying to build your following. However, it is important to stay consistent with posting content on all platforms so that your social media strategy is cohesive. It can be tempting to post content on Facebook and Instagram, while neglecting your Twitter account. This can be a mistake, as it is important to continue to post content to your Twitter account so that you are consistent with growing your following. Do not ignore any social media accounts, as it can be frustrating for those who follow you. It is important to try to be present and consistent on all social media channels so that you can help to grow your social creditability.

Strive For Higher Conversions And Showcase Results

Another way to help to increase your social creditability is to start to showcase some of your results. This can be done through case studies, testimonials, or any other content that shows how your products or services are helping customers. Make sure that you are sharing all of these types of content on all of your social media accounts, as well as, on your website. This can help to draw in new people, as well as, it can help to build trust with those who have already discovered your business. This can be done through using social media channels that you have not used before. It is important to try out different social media platforms so that you can discover the best channels for your company.

Don’t Forget Old School Tactics Like Meetups And Events

Social media platforms are changing rapidly, but old school tactics like meetups and events are still effective. If you have not used these tactics before, they could be beneficial for you to get your message out to your customers and followers. It can be beneficial to attend local events and networking sessions that focus on social media marketing. By attending these events, you can meet potential clients and colleagues, as well as, you can learn about new social media marketing tactics. You can also host meetups for your customers and followers. By hosting meetups for your followers, you can help to build trust between your company and your potential customers.


Social media is a great way to build relationships and expand your circle of influence, but it takes consistent effort to succeed. Many people give up on growing their social media following once they reach a certain number of followers, but this is not true success. Social media is a process, and it is important to be consistent with posting content and growing your social creditability. These quick tips will help you to gain more followers, build trust with potential followers, and grow the circle of who knows you-and who shouldn’t.

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