Make Your Website More Urgent - Get People to Act Now

 - Proofly blog author
Carole Peterson | April 12, 2022 | 11,172 views

Your website is your digital salesperson. A good one can sell you products, services, and ideas very efficiently. But what if you could take your selling to the next level? What if you could make people feel much more urgency about getting something from you right now? Urgency is one of the most important factors when it comes to online shoppi...

How to Get More Organic Leads: What You Need To Know Before You Try

 - Proofly blog author
Natalie Johnson | April 8, 2022 | 6,570 views

Organic marketing is expensive. It’s not always easy to know what works and what doesn’t. This is especially true for businesses that are just getting started and don’t have all the answers yet. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Organic marketing can be affordable—and even worth the investment if you do it right and get the right r...

How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product With Social Proof

 - Proofly blog author
Elsie Matthews | April 2, 2022 | 5,292 views

Customers trust the opinions of their peers more than they trust their own instincts. They also place a higher value on things that other people have as well. Social proof is one of these things. It’s an essential tool in getting your customers to buy your product and become loyal lifelong advocates. The more social proof you have to offer,...

How To Increase Your Social Credibility - Tips to Gain More Followers

 - Proofly blog author
Mike Barrett | March 26, 2022 | 15,730 views

Everyone wants to be liked. Even more so, if you can show your followers that you care about them and are interested in what they have to share. Social media is the new forefront for building credibility, credibility that others will trust you and follow you because of it. Social media has become a virtual meeting ground as people from all wal...

What Is Social Proof, And Why Would I Care?

 - Proofly blog author
Jacqueline Caldwell | March 21, 2022 | 9,995 views

Social proof is a concept that underlies the idea of social pressure. Essentially, it’s about how people tend to confirm their beliefs based on the attitudes of those around them. We see this when we’re at the supermarket, for example. If there are other people also shopping for similar things, then it makes us feel more comfortable in doi...